The Compassion Antenna

- 1.8 MHz to 450 Mhz multi band antenna adjustable from within your vehicle.
- Ideal for the physically handicapped, like myself - no need to exit vehicle.
- Noteworthy advancements over the "screwdriver antenna" designs of the past.

Why call it a "Compassion Antenna"?  I needed a simple name for this multi band mobile antenna.  Descriptions are not simple.  Then it hit me.  Why was I making great inventions and giving them away when my health and life is a mess?  No one seems interested in helping me.  Yet, I have the compassion to give away patentable ideas.  So I call this the Compassion Antenna with the hope that more people will think about compassion.

I wanted an antenna for my van which would work at all the frequencies of my HF - VHF - UHF 100 watt transceiver.  The traditional screwdriver antennas tend to require leaving the vehicle to remove or attach a whip above the coil.  Plus most of them do not work at 2 meter or above and on the 160 meter band.  I wanted everything so that was the focus of my design.

Using my high q telescopic coil design was one of my options but it was too difficult to make at home.  So...
Note:  I am still designing and writing about this antenna.  This antenna will be more useful and impressive than my parabolic discone or other inventions here on  Compassion could have prevented the painful experiences I have suffered.  Compassion is truly a good name to express what I believe is needed in the world more than ever.
Topics: 1. How it works
2. Construction  - a. Making the Bellows

How it works

In part it is like a screwdriver antenna but with added improvements and extra features.
Until I finish building and testing, you will only see some of the information that I am willing to release for now.


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